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The Desjardins Immigrant Investors Program
Owing to the regulatory requirements specific to the federal and provincial programs, Desjardins Trust manages the Immigrant Investors Program for the benefit of the Desjardins Group.

Desjardins Trust is proving to be the investors’ entrance with respect to the acquisition of other products and services offered by Desjardins. Upon their arrival in Canada, these new immigrants often need products such as credit cards, mortgages, investments, insurance, etc.

This program offers business people and their families the opportunity to contribute to the economic development of the country, while obtaining their permanent residence status in Canada and, eventually, their Canadian citizenship.

Thanks to Desjardins Trust’s program, thousands of investors and their families, from over 70 different countries, mainly Asia (70%) and the Middle East (20%), were able to immigrate to Canada over the past 15 years. Through these investments, Desjardins Trust has contributed to sustaining the growth of the caisses network among their corporate members by intervening in over 500 projects.

Eligibility Requirements to Qualify as an Investor

  • Experience in management
  • Personal net assets of at least $800,000
  • The intention of making a passive investment of $400,000, through Desjardins Trust, for a five-year term

The team of the Desjardins Immigrant Investors Program is focussed on efficiently meet the financial needs of the client investors. It offers top-quality personalized services available in some ten languages.

Services offered by Desjardins Trust

  • Search for potential investors
  • Collection of regulatory deposits
  • Management and distribution of interest produced by the investments through the grants allotted to enterprises for expansion projects
  • Management of investment agreements
  • Development of a financial loan set-up, when required
  • Financing of immigrant investors
  • Production of various reports for governments and investors
  • Management of investor relations

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