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Our Offer
Trust Services to individuals

Trust Services to Individuals can safeguard estate and facilitate the transfer to the next generation. Trust managers provide personalized service tailored to personal and family needs; to administer a mandate in case of incapacity, protective supervision, administer a trust, and guide the client in drafting his will or settling an estate.

  • Estate settlement

    Settling an estate is a major responsibility and choosing whom you're going to trust with it is a big decision. One of your loved ones might even name you to settle an estate.

    In any event, settling an estate can be a complex process extending over many months especially if the estate includes a variety of different types of assets or involves a blended family.

    Professional expertise

    Desjardins Private Wealth Management estate settlement services can:

    - back you up with professional expertise
    - provide guidance if you're named executor of an estate

    Or, you can name Desjardins Trust as the executor of your estate to facilitate passing on your assets to your heirs–according to your wishes.

    Settling an estate is oftentimes more than a matter of money. So at Desjardins Private Wealth Management, besides putting our skills in law, finance and accounting to work, we call on our experience. We know that passing on an estate should also be harmonious and worry-free.


  • Trust administration

    A trust can act to safeguard a portion of your wealth. But how do you make sure it's administered according to your instructions?

    When you create a trust, you safeguard a portion of your wealth—either during your lifetime, or in favour of your estate. Whether you create a living trust, which has legal existence during your lifetime, or a testamentary trust, the assets you designate as an administrator to place in it become the legal property of the trust.

    For that reason, it's important to appoint an experienced and objective trustee with the ability to administer property in order to grow the assets in keeping with your objectives.

    An experienced trustee

    Known for our expertise in financial management and administration of the property of others, at Desjardins Trust, we safeguard trust capital and distribute it along with income according to the terms of the trust—taking care to reduce beneficiaries' tax burden.

    Desjardins Trust Services are particularly valuable for administering a testamentary trust or, if you plan to create a charitable or educational trust, for facilitating the transfer and restructuring of a family business—or again, for safeguarding personal property from creditors.


  • Protection in case of incapacity

    Who would look after your property if you became incapacitated? Do you have anyone to help you if you had to look after someone else's property?

    It might be an idea to prepare a mandate in case of incapacity so that you can decide in advance who would look after your property if you became incapacitated. That way, your loved ones would be able to take care of you instead of having to deal with your day-to-day affairs.

    Trust Services team can help you define the mandate you would give to the mandatary you choose to administer your property. Our expertise, reliability and objectivity will help set your mind at ease because you know your property will be managed the way you want it to be—even if you can no longer do it on your own.


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