Deposit account fees

Learn everything you need to know about guaranteed investment certificates and daily interest accounts

Guaranteed investments

Guaranteed investments help you save risk-free for short-term goals like vacations and long-term goals like buying a house.

Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs)

With GICs, your capital and interest are guaranteed. You can get short- or long-term GICs at the same competitive interest rate as regular term savings. It’s great for your peace of mind!

Daily interest accounts (DIAs)

Daily interest accounts (DIAs) are cash accounts that let you earn interest on the money you save. The interest rate for DIAs is the same as for savings accounts offered at Desjardins caisses by the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec. The minimum interest rate is 0.1%. Interest is calculated daily and paid and compounded annually.

To view the current rate, refer to the Savings account line on our Rates – Savings accounts and everyday accounts page, or contact your Desjardins advisor.

You can set up automatic payments to occur as often as you want (minimum $25).

Desjardins Trust is a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Compare GICs

Compare GICs
Short-term GICs Long-term GICs
Terms: 1 to 364 days Terms: 1 to 5 years
Minimum Investment: $5,000 Minimum Investment: $1,000
Interest calculation: Daily
Withdrawal: Non-redeemable prior to maturity
(If funds are withdrawn prior to maturity, a minimum fee of $200 will be applied, which varies depending on the rate and remainder of the term)
Interest payment frequency options:
  • Annually
  • At maturity
Interest payment frequency options:
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-yearly
  • Annually
  • At maturity
Principal/interest repayment options:
  • Transfer to a daily interest account
  • Transfer to your regular savings account
  • Direct deposit
  • Renewal of principal and interest
  • Cheque in your name
Automatic renewals: GIC conditions are automatically renewed, unless we receive notice from you no later than the 15th day after the GIC maturity date.

GIC and DIA fees

With GICs and DIAs, you’ll receive quarterly investment statements.

If there are any new fees or increases coming up, we’ll notify you at least 30 days in advance with a document enclosed with your statement.

GST, QST and other provincial taxes may apply.


  • $50 to transfer a registered account to another financial institution (not Desjardins)
  • $15 a year for duplicates of your investment statements, tax slips and tax receipts[ note 1 ]
  • $30 an hour and minimum $60 for any account management investigations
  • $25 a day for banking confirmations

There are no fees to:

  • Sign up
  • Complete transactions
  • Transfer assets between accounts
  • Receive quarterly investment statements
  • Make changes to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP):
    • Change subscribers
    • Change beneficiaries
    • Apply for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB)

Client services

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  1. Some conditions apply. These fees are not always charged. [Back to note reference 1.]
  2. Desjardins Trust reserves the right to change how it calculates and pays interest on DIAs at any time.
  3. Desjardins Wealth Management Investments is a trade name used by Desjardins Trust Inc., a federal trust company and financial planning firm.


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