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Take advantage of a comprehensive range of trust and estate services to help protect and manage your wealth

Trust services for individuals

Trust managers provide personalized service that fits all your needs, from administering protection mandates to drafting wills and settling estates.

Settling an estate is about more than just money. In fact, it can be a very complex process.

If you’re responsible for settling an estate, we can provide the support you need to do so fairly and effectively.

You can also name Desjardins Trust as your executor. We’ll respect your wishes and take care of passing on your estate to your heirs.

It’s important to name an experienced, impartial trustee who will follow your instructions for managing and growing your assets.

When you set up a trust, you become the administrator, and the assets you place in it become the trust’s legal property. A trust can help you safeguard a portion of your wealth.

With a living trust, your assets will be protected during your lifetime. With a testamentary trust, your assets will be protected for your heirs.

An experienced trustee

Desjardins Trust has the expertise to safeguard the assets in your trust. When the time comes, we’ll distribute them along with income according to the terms of the trust, taking care to reduce beneficiaries' tax burden.

Desjardins Trust can also help you create a charitable or educational trust, transfer and restructure a family business, or protect your personal property from creditors.

Who would look after your property if you were unable to? You can set up a protection mandate to decide who will look after you and your property and save your loved ones the administrative hassle.

Our team can help you define the mandate for the mandatary you choose to administer your property. Rest easy knowing our reliable, objective experts will make sure your property is managed the way you want when you can no longer do it on your own.

Financial and tax planning services

Our team of financial planners and tax specialists can help you make strategic decisions that fit your situation, priorities and needs.

Tax planning helps you better assess the tax impacts of your financial decisions and take corrective action to mitigate potential risk.

Our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of your financial life to make sure that your tax decisions are tailored to your situation and objectives.

We’ll help you put in place a tax strategy that works for you, and we’re happy to collaborate with other professionals you work with.

We provide personalized support with our retirement planning service.

We’ll help with every step of the planning process, including:

  • Defining your goals
  • Identifying sources of retirement income
  • Modeling different scenarios based on long-term financial projections
  • Creating an action plan that’s tailored to your personal, professional and family situation so you know what decisions to make today to best prepare for your retirement

We can also help you implement your retirement planning recommendations.

When you use Desjardins Trust estate planning services, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis of your situation and your wealth.

Our multidisciplinary team will help you build a concrete action plan that you can refer to when writing your will and defining the terms for settling your estate.

You can also call on Desjardins Trust’s expertise to help settle your estate or to manage a testamentary trust.

Desjardins Trust can help you plan for the future of your business.

Our team will help you create an action plan with recommendations that inform your strategic decisions. Prepare for the future with your personal, family and business goals top of mind.

We can also help you implement your business plan and collaborate with any other professionals you work with.

Trust services for businesses

With a trust deed, a business can obtain financing from an institutional lender by providing a promissory note as security for the loan.

The promissory note is in turn guaranteed by a trust deed that includes securities, such as a hypothec on immovable and movable property. The property can include the borrower’s machinery, vehicles, rent payments or accounts receivable.

This type of financing is especially common when several lenders are involved. The trust acts as a neutral third party and holds the securities for all lenders.

Many municipalities and private and parapublic businesses in Quebec operate sanitary landfill sites for waste materials or dry materials that must eventually be decontaminated.

To obtain an operating certificate from the Ministère de l’Environnement, operators need to set aside a budget for decontamination. To do that, they create an environmental trust and can name Desjardins Trust to manage the trust and the money in it.

This type of trust is typically in place for at least 20 years. Any release of funds must be approved by the Ministère de l’Environnement, which will supervise the decontamination work.

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